Brass Tacks: Jack’s Generic Tri (Intermediate)

I registered for the race last-minute, less than a week before race day. After The Great Marble Falls Cop-Out, it seemed prudent to rush for redemption by registering for (and, ahem, completing) another intermediate race. This particular race has been on my wish list since moving to Austin five years (!) ago. I was in no way prepared for the competitors who turned out for this one. After scouring the web for race recaps, Yelp reviews, or ANYTHING that would indicate this once is for real-deal racers and coming up empty-handed, I decided something had to be said.

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Brass Tacks: Marble Falls Triathlon

Every year I plan on Triathlon season running from Memorial Day (CapTexTri) to Labor Day (Tri Rock Austin), but then end up only running those two races. There are tons of triathlons over the summer, and I always plan to incorporate shorter races into my training plan to culminate with an Olympic PR on Labor Day. The plan here was really no different. I’m still gearing up for Half Iron at the end of September, so getting more race experience in the run-up seemed like a great idea. Running an intermediate distance race before my PR Goal Race in September seemed like a great idea. Racing a new course to vary my experience seemed like a great idea.

But somehow corking the wine bottle seemed like a bad idea; getting to bed timely on Race Day Eve seemed like a bad idea; and actually running this damn race seemed like the worst.

In the end, I made the call.

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