Battle of the Bulge: Donut Thursday No. 1

Armistice declared on Facebook is officially off.
War on Office Donut Day is officially back on.

Credit: images/Uncategorised _g43-Sherman_Tank_M4_p3254.html

It’s Office Donut Day, folks. A day that invokes the bizarre mix of hope and dread (“Will there be donuts?” vs. “Please, God, don’t let there be donuts.”); a mix of elation and terror (“Not only are there donuts, there are cream-filled donuts!” vs. “I can’t even imagine what this cream-filled donut is going to look like poking out from the inside of my upper thigh.”); a mix of satisfaction and regret (“Damn, that donut was good.” vs. “Why did I do that? Again!“).

I’m sad to report from the trenches at my desk that while passing across the front lines in the office kitchen this morning, I lost ground in this ongoing battle, friends. I’m sending my flag-draped will power back home, only wishing I could say the fight was valiant.

Sometimes, in the War on Office Dounut Day, you drive the tank, and other times in this War, you ARE the tank. Today is a day for the latter.


One comment

  1. Meh….happens to the best of us. Damn donuts and their sugary goodness. Homer was right about something, it seems.

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