Little Peter Cotton-blob

Day 6 was kickboxing.

Credit: photo.php?imageId=993794 Credit: photo.php? imageId=219632


It was good to let out a little aggression at the end of a long week.  Jab-cross.  Jab-cross.  

I looked over at Sideshow Blob at one point during the longest hour of my life and he was getting into it! I think he was kicking some seriously villainous ninja ass.  Jab-cross-hook.  Jab-cross-hook. 

Me — I was going all Bruce Lee on a 5-piece nugget meal with ranch and a vanilla shake. You know, true evil.  The kind that seduces you willingly (or, in my case, gleefully) into its tangled web by being terribly cheap, terribly quick, terribly mouth-watering and only later terribly difficult to shed from one’s midsection.  Jab-cross-hook-uppercut.  Jab-cross-hook-uppercut 

Day 7 was restful stretching. Oh yeah, and Easter. 

Credit: photo.php?imageId=219632

The Easter Bunny came early last week and brought baskets of candy (thanks, Mom!).  The inflation of importance these holidays put on chocolate and other candies may be artificial, but unfortunately the inflation of my waistline is oh so real.  

I was actually happy to see that they finally made smaller Cadbury eggs.  I love those things, but eating one was seriously a commitment.  This year I took all the chocolate to the office  like I was the patron saint of better-you-than-me.  OK, not ALL the chocolate.  I kept the bunny because I’m only human and there may be a time in the coming week when I really NEED it.  I later found the chocolate at the office hidden in the farthest corner of the back cabinet.  Looks like I’m not the only employee fighting the good fight.  

All the non-chocolate stayed in the house, though. Most of the non-chocolate belongs to Sideshow Blob, but there are some exceptions. They are blue, there are twelve, and they are ever so slightly stale the way I like them.  

They’re Peeps, people, and they’ll be lucky to make it to Wednesday.


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