Old Blob, New Tricks?

I spent more than half my grocery budget on veggies.  

It appears I’ve turned over a new leaf.  Or rather, several leaves, with all this spinach, romaine, kale, and iceberg.  And those are just the leafy greens.  I’ve got broccoli, cucumber, bell peppers, tomato (a fruit, I know, I’ve heard.) three kinds of onion, and cilantro.  (I know, no credit for veggie-eating with the cilantro.  But still, it’s in a flimsy plastic bag with a twistie tie, and that a veggie makes in my house.)  

Vegetables with Bread
Credit: http://www.everystockphoto.com/ photo.php?imageId=240848


[PICTURE NOTE: Whoever included the loaf of bread as a “vegetable” can diet with me anytime.]  

I made a genuine effort to sort-of calorie calculate as I grocery shopped last night.  The idea is to avoid having things in the house that are impossible to consume in the deflated “serving sizes” food manufacturers put on the box to advertize “less than 100 calories per serving*” (*serving size is equal to the mere thought of taking a bite of this fatty item.) Fat free yogurt and cheese, skim milk, and, a marvel of modern food science – BAKED CHEETOS.  Finally! A cure for an ailment society has borne since 1948 when the Frito company rolled out those devilishly twisted, crunchy, orange-finger-licking, middle-school-cafeteria-black-market-trading goodies.  

Grocery Shopping
Credit: http://www.everystockphoto.com/ photo.php?imageId=4524471


Trying to roll out a new approach to eating where the options at home are healthy, numerous, and easy to make either at home or at work.  I’m really trying to take the agonizing out of eating on the go, and have a environment where whatever I reach for is at least not 100% certain to derail my weight-loss goals.  So I felt really empowered and proud of myself after grocery shopping last night and packing a satisfying healthy lunch for work today.   

That is, until the lunch meeting hosted at my office resulted in extraneous pepper-flavored potato chips for community enjoyment.  I wish I could say I held strong, especially on the eve of Donut Thursday No. 2, but I think if you’ve even glanced passingly at this blog you’ll know better.  I ate a fistful of pepper-flavored potato chips in addition to everything I packed for lunch.  I didn’t even try to compromise by giving up some other calories elsewhere.  

Is this the turning back over of my new leaf?  No.  Besides, they’re POTATO chips right?  Any fool knows potatoes are veggies, and so what if these were fried within a nanometer of physical existence and caked in heart-stoppingly savory salts.  

A vegetable by any other name is still a vegetable.  


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