The Good Thing About Being Round: You Roll If Ya Fall

 I fell, folks.  I fell twice and I fell pretty far.  

Credit: photo.php?imageId=238744


On Thursday last week, high off my victory over those blasted office donuts, I agreed to take Sideshow Blob for a post-work beer with a co-worker and his fiancée.  I was proud of myself for acting so wholly out of character in keeping it to one beer only.  But that’s where the praise ends.  

I wolfed down a loaded queso, AND helped Sideshow Blob finish his order of chili (“You gonna eat that?“).  I know what you must be thinking: “I though queso was something you loaded OTHER off-limits items WITH, not something you used as a vehicle to load with other off-limit items — my mind is blown by the depth of my disgust!”   

And you’re right.  You’re absolutely right.  

But that’s not all, people.  Not only did I commit these dietary transgressions, but I committed them IN LIEU OF doing P90X Yoga-X! By the time we got in from happy hour, we were too cheesy and beery to even honestly consider downward dog.  Luckily, the P90X reserves the 7th day for rest or stretching, so we moved Yoga-X to that day, but not before a sit-down about never. doing. that. again.  



How perfect is this: 


Credit: Jeff Varszegi, Facebook comment, 14 April 2010, 7:14 PM CT



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