Thinking Outside the Blob

What am I doing?  What do I really want?  Why am I still a Blob? 

I’m still reeling from the moment of self-actualization I had yesterday.  I set out on this whole project intending to get a fresh start on fitness, to work-out hard, to re-vamp my diet, and — of course — to miraculously chisel a scorching bikini bod from all this blob.  I expected to have slip-ups, down-falls, and oops-I-did-it-agains, but I didn’t expect my whole experience to be one of such frustration.  I didn’t expect myself to surrender to a diet of cheats, with only the occasional obedience.       

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I have a few days left in this Recovery Week before the 30 day results are due, and many of the days are devoted to Yoga-X.  I think perhaps I will use this opportunity to press positive energy into the universe about the work I’m putting in and about the renewal I hope to see.  I think it’s time to be grateful now that I even have the energy to go through all of this, and to feel thankful for the strength and flexibility by body has taken on this past month.  Envisioning, too.  Up with positive energy, gratitude, and manifestation.  Down with criticism, comparison, and cheese.      

Love Your Failures
Jacked a long time ago from I don't even know where.


Though it practically kills me to type this, it may actually be time to lower expectations ever so slightly.  Perhaps it’s OK that I haven’t, in the past 30 days, peeled my blob arms down to reveal the Michelle Obamas.  It may actually be totally acceptable that my skinny jeans don’t need a belt yet to stay up.  I was about to type “All in due time,” but I really don’t think it’s about that, either.  It’s about being on the road, striving, learning, growing, changing, and writing sappy blog posts now and again.  

Love Yourself, Even at a Snail's Pace
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New Philosophy: love yourself, love the journey, love yourself BEING ON the journey, and do all this even if it is moving at a snail’s pace.      


Saw this quote in my Facebook feed and have decided to take it as fortune-cookie style prophesy:   

“[I]nstants are not parts of time, for time is not made up of instants any more than a magnitude is made of points, as we have already proved. Hence it does NOT follow that a thing is not in motion in a given time, just because it is not in motion in any instant of that time.” [emphasis added]   

Sir Thomas Aquinas

Credit: Kate Cusick Cole, Facebook Status Update, 22 April 2010, 11:33 CT
Credit: Wikipedia, Zeno’s paradoxes   

You see, hence, it does NOT follow that I am not in motion during these 90 days toward my fitness goals, just because I am not in motion in any instant of that time.  Whew — it only took Aquinas’s thoughts on Aristotle’s thoughts on Zeno’s paradox to explain to me why I don’t have the Michelle Obamas …   




Blobservations of your own?

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