Ok, so the Weigh-in and Photo Session sort of came and went.  

To be really honest with you, it was pretty anticlimactic.  I lost a little.  And I mean a LITTLE.  I guess I should just be grateful I didn’t gain or stagnate.  Though deep down, waaaay down, right next to where I maintain hope that Tupac’s death really WAS a hoax, I was still burning a candle for the ill-deserved miracle that I might have dropped ten pounds or so.  The pictures are fine, too.  Not really either here nor there.  I guess I’m just feeling a little “meh” about everything relating to this whole blobby mess.   



I know I should be looking at this whole thing as a catalyst to spur even more commitment to the total program, even more strenuous effort into each day’s workout, and even tighter dietary restrictions.  (What a joke, “even tighter” than “no restriction whatsoever” – ha ha ha. – Folks, I’ll be here all week. Every week. For the next eight weeks.)   

But what I’m really feeling is pretty dejected.  I mean, I feel like I could have skipped P90X all together and just had maybe two less beers a week and been in this very same place.  Can I lift a three-year litigation file from an awkward lateral angle and move it with ease across my office now? Easily.  Can I do three or four times as many push ups as I could 30 days ago?  For sure.  Do I feel like Kate Moss during her Calvin Klein days (only less, you know, kill-me-now-annoying)?  Hell no.   

Sideshow Blob is convinced that I shouldn’t be expecting to LOSE anything, and that the scale isn’t telling me about all the muscle I’ve created from all the fat. (“All WHAT fat, Sideshow Blob?  What are you saying, exactly?“)  I know I should be thinking: “Wow – progress!  And progress is nothing other than progress, so, you GO Blob!”  But what I’m really thinking is: “All this for less than two measly pounds?  Two pounds?!?!  I think I know people who own pet rats that weigh more than what I’ve lost after 30 days of this.”  

But maybe Sideshow Blob is right.  (What was I thinking putting that in PRINT?)  After about 57 minutes of uploading photos, putting them in order of then – now – then – now – then – now, and flipping furiously back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, I’m at least 6% convinced there’s been at least some tightening up.  


(I just love that scene, I know it doesn’t really quite fit, but you’re welcome anyway.)  

And so, see you in another 30 days.   

147.9 lbs. of BLOB  

2010.04.14 Front
2010.04.14 Front


2010.04.24 Side
2010.04.24 Side


2010.04.24 Back
2010.04.24 Back


  1. Have you considered measuring your body and including those in your monthly weigh in? If you’re gaining muscle, the scale might not reflect it in the numbers. I started running at the beginning of the year and it’s crazy to look down and see that you’ve burned 600 calories but then I weigh myself and I’ve gained 2-3 pounds! It’s frustrating to see a “gain” but I have to remind myself that it’s the muscle… It’s denser than fat and therefore will weigh more. If you’re following p90x and doing all sorts of strength training, you’re liking gaining muscle. 🙂

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