Blobbing Hard, or Hardly Blobbing

Back to the grind, people. Back. To. The. Grind. 

I'm just a little rusty, that's all
Credit: view-image.php?image=3706& picture=old-gears


I haven’t really been my Blob-a-licious self lately. Since Blob Bulletin 2: 30 Days for This?, I’ve been struggling with a strategy for going forward. I’ve been asking myself all kinds of stupid questions like “Should I continue this ridiculous ruse of a fitness overhaul?” and “Is this whole thing really just a way to dig around for mildly amusing photos to illustrate my ever-present desire to eat anything not nailed down?” and you know “who am I and why am I here?” 

But you know what, enough is enough. 

Enough navel-staring contemplation, and not just because I’m tired of looking at this blob-tacular navel. I’ve decided that the less-than-stunning results I’ve achieved after these 30 grueling work-outs are really just evidence of inertia. A blob at rest wants nothing more than to STAY at rest. Now, I’ve started pushing this blob around my living room, trying to get some motion, some movement, some CHANGE in the state of affairs. But that doesn’t mean the blob WANTS to move, is happy about moving, or is even really all that obedient to my commandments to move. 

The gears are rusty, that’s all. 

But I’ve been thinking. (Yes, that’s why you smelled smoke.) 

The Gears are Turning
Credit: images/Illustrations_g173-Head_p12824.html


We are entering Phase 2, and I’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that my only choice is to step it up. I’m not going to dwell on Phase 1 as any sort of failure or embarrassment or anything. Well, I might feel a little embarrassed about it for a while longer, but at least now I have a plan. So I sticking with my whole new inertia theory. It’s true, I was having difficulty in phase one because the tendency of a blob is to stay a blob. But now that I’m on the road to fitness, I’m in motion (even if I’m not moving during any one instant, according to my man Zeno). Phase 1 was about getting the lead out and getting the rust off the gears. Phase 2 is about settling into a pattern of motion, abandoning stagnation. 

Well-oiled machine
Credit: photo.php?imageId=667321


By Phase 3, I will be well-oiled machine!


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