Blobs Just Wanna Have Fun

Obsessing is so last P90X Phase . . .  

I’m trying a new lease on life this morning.  I’m thinking, why all the agony and torture and obsessive attention to blobby little details that have been hindering REAL LIFE?  After meditating on the yin and yang of blobbiness yesterday I went all out and had a Coke.  And about half-a-can in I realized I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I felt GREAT!  

And for that half hour I remembered feeling great and not worrying about being a blob, and about how every little thing I look at makes me blobbier, and how hard I have to work and far I have to go to not be a blob anymore.  As if, with the soft crush of a pop-top opening a switch went off, lights dimmed, the disco ball lowered, the bass pumped higher and the party started.  

Disco Ball
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I still believe my recent bad moods have been caused by bad foods, because, well, that’s just science.  But now I’m thinking that there is guilt and shame inherent to dieting and committing to body change because you have to renounce the way you already are before you can commit to becoming something new.  Am I giving up P90X – not at all.  Would I still like to see change — you bet yer blob, I would.  But I’m coming at it from a new direction – THE TOP!  

Today my inspiration is my girl, Pink (‘scuze me, P!nk), a veritable font of life advice, who says:  

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you’re given
It’s all how you use it  

I’ve decided.  I’ll THINK thin, toned, and awesome.  I’ll get my mind there, and by blob is sure to follow.  I mean, I know I can’t ONLY think thin, there will still be work involved (and not a little).  But all that yin-yang talk yesterday helped me realize that I can’t ONLY work to thinness without thinking thin, too.  Mind-body, blob-bod.  

Right now I have what I have, which is, admittedly, a bit of a blob.  But my job is not to hate the blob, scrutinize the blob, constantly measure and berate the blob.  I’ve got what I’m given, it’s all how I use it.  I’ve forgotten that while, yes, I what I have is blob, I have MORE, in fact that mere blob.  I have the mindset.  I’ve neglected the mindset, I’ve lost my attitude of gratitude, and today’s the day I take it back  

Today I’m relaxing, not thinking about muffin tops, or about heybabies vs. Michelle Obamas, or about being a blob at all.   

Go Bananas
Credit: view-image.php?image=5387&picture =go-banana


Today I’m gonna go bananas, get out of my head, and back into my life.


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