Workin’ Blob to Blog: What a Way to Make a Livin’

Bottom Rung, here, reporting for duty on the Corporate Ladder.

Okay, so yesterday when I “went bananas,” you know getting out of my head and back into my life, I was struck like Barry Bonds’s 73rd homer at what I found.  I found my “real life.”  Guess where it is?  Holla’ if ya hear me on this (Translation: you may identify here): My real life is right at the bottom of my stinking in-box.  I’m telling you, folks, my in-box is really putting the “in” in inundated this week.  (You like that? heh.

Inundated inbox
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I’ll tell you this, I’ve got new plans in the works for the end of Phase 2 and Phase 3 of P90X.  On the heels of some pretty serious lapses brought on by old friends visiting and by visiting old friends you were probably wondering how I was going to keep this ship afloat.  Well don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.  And like every single plan I’ve ever hatched, this one will be of the last-minute, clock’s-ticking, down-to-the-wire, after-the-buzzer, oh-God-if-you-make-this-work-I’ll-NEVER-procrastinate-like-this-again variety.  And that’s how I know it’s going to work. 

Master Plans
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But before I’m in a position to go further into said plan with y’all, I’ve got to get serious at work.  Like no-kidding serious; like dinner at the office serious; like “I’ll take my 5:00PM frappucino with a shot of espresso and a handful of chocolate-covered coffee beans” serious.  Because there’s no way for me to nail down the particulars of this plan to effectuate nothing short of a miracle (i.e. blob-to-bod in time for The Unveiling on July 31, 2010) until I achieve a little zen at the place that my bills. 

Dilbert's Zen
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Until then, “avoid french fries,” “do an extra 15 crunches,” and ignore everything in “quotes.” 

It’s been working for me.


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