The Little Things

Oprah has her Favorite Things; I’ve got the Little Things  

The Little Things include a lot of things, really.  Essentially, The Little Things are things that keep me going on this long, and at times broken, road to fitness.  Things that make dieting more delicious (delicious dieting, I really should have been a comedian).  Things that make working out a little less work.  THings that people say to make you think, “Maybe these ARE my skinny jeans.”  

So here are the first few:  

(1) Fat-free Frappucino  

Starbucks Frappucino
Credit: photo.php?imageId=2499772


NOT the Frappucino Lite of yore.  That ill-advised, aspartame-flavored abomination.  Now you can get the Frap of your choosing made with fate-free, or even SOY, milk.  Now, this will not absolve you of any sin you commit involving whipped cream, caramel, mint syrup, chocolate chips, vanilla bean, or an around-the-world combination of all five.  What it will do, though, is lower the capital calorie investment you’re out any time you even consider a 3:00 PM pick-me-up of this nature.  Like buying knock-offs of trendy designer shoes — it may not be exactly the same thing, but it’s cheaper to be part of the fun.  Welcome to the future.  

(2) Shiny happy yoga mat  


Yoga Mats
Credit: photo.php?imageId=1234044


DIY yoga mat cleaner is awesome. (Either that, or I’m hopelessly pathetic.  Well, wait a minute, there’s no reason the two must be mutually exclusive.  For now let’s just stick to the cleaner being awesome.)  I finally found a lavender-scented dish soap I love.  And, to be clear, the awesomeness of DIY yoga mat cleaner hinges entirely on the scent of your dish soap.  SO this lavender stuff is cheap (love) and, unlike everything else lavender-scented, it’s not stronger than Hulk in his heyday (Love).  Oh, and it’s easy to make and keep around (LOVE).  I had no idea the Excalibur for fighting mat gunk was so close at hand.  

(3) Compliments.  Or even 1/2 compliments  

Gun Show
Credit: photo.php?imageId=123747


Sideshow Blob told me in passing the other day that in certain lighting (the kitchen) he was starting to see the beginnings of the Michelle-Obamas in the making!  That’s right, I’m on my way!  There’s been progress that is perceptible, ironically, by light of the open fridge!  What great news that now I can add to the many attractive features of my fridge an apparently flattering lighting schema.  Hearing that my gun show tickets are in the mail has been really motivating.  So, you know, if you need me —  

I’ll be flexing in the kitchen. 



Blobservations of your own?

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