Blobby Buddah is Back in the Saddle

We are back at it, and only slightly knocked-back. 

After taking – all totaled – about a week off of P90X between having visitors and being a visitor to others, we are back at it, starting yesterday with Yoga X.  Sideshow Blob and I agreed that Yoga was a great way to ease back in to the program after being so incredibly blobbish.  You know, a little stretching, a little breathing, maybe a balance or two, then we would be better equipped to face down whatever horrors await in the coming days of P90X workouts.  

What we forgot was this is not just yoga, this is Yoga-X.  The man YELLS at you to push harder in your poses.  Like, “I didn’t say Quarter Moon, did I?  I said HALF MOON, now get up there!”  I’m sure any yogi reading this cringes at this flagrant disturbance of chi.  I know I did. 

Drill Sergeant photo.php?imageId=74186


So we did the Yoga-X last night.  

And I really tried to bring it.  You know, like, BRING IT.  I was surprised that it wasn’t as hard as I anticipated.  I think it’s part of that whole theory that time off can actually increase your performance.  Not to mention, being late May in Central Texas, our living room was only about the temperature of the sun’s core (no big deal).  Everyone knows that hot sweaty yoga is the best kind there is.  The heat makes you stretchier, bendier, better-balanced, more centered, wiser, and only a half-step from Nirvana. (Perhaps I digressed ever so slightly there, but still, when it comes to yoga I feel hot is good, hotter is better). 

So in our little sweat-lodge I was really trying hard to do all of the more advanced versions of the poses, holding longer, breathing better, the whole deal.  I felt great last night and slept like the dead. 

Sleepy Buddah
Credit: photo.php?imageId=4967054


But this morning . . .  

Woah.  My arms may as well fall off, they are useless to me now anyway.  And my hamstrings are wound tighter than an eight-day clock!  I haven’t been sore like this since the first week of P90X, when I was afraid this program would get me addicted to pain-killers

Pain Pill
Credit: photo.php?imageId=239799


But I’m glad we’re back on the program.  I’m still holding out hope that results will be forthcoming by Day 90. (Though I’m well aware you don’t wish for it, you work for it)  I have spent the last few days working out my Procrastinater’s Plan to counteract all my latent blobbery and drive toward the Unveiling tighter, leaner, and pretty much drop-dead wow-inducing.  Monday marks the unveiling of and unflagging commitment to that plan, which includes add-ons for Phase 3, as well as a bridge program from Day 90 of P90X to the day of the Unveiling. 

Happy Buddah
Credit: photo.php?imageId=263076


For now, all this planning has brought a new sense of calm.  In typical fashion, there was an initial plan that was not adhered to, panic, and a new plan.  With new resolve I am moving forward through the end of P90X happy — 

if only a little blobby still. 


Well now I really feel stupid for doing all that yoga last night and for making myself so sore today.  An e-mail from my DAD now indicates what research has proven (I don’t know if the research is HIS or not . . .) — Drinking gives you the very same benefits that yoga does!  To wit: 

A position of total relaxation 


Child’s Pose
A position that brings the sensation of peace and calm. 


Bridge Pose
A position that calms the brain and heals tired legs. 


Cat Pose
A position that stimulates the midriff area and the spinal column. 


Plow Pose
A position that is excellent for back pain and insomnia. 


Dolphin Pose
A position that is excellent for hte shoulder area, thorax, legs, and arms. 


Locust Pose
A position that is great to exercise and stimulate the lumbar area, legs, and arms. 


Happy Baby Pose
A position that is great for massaging the hip area. 


Prayer Squat
A position that is great for massaging the ankles and back muscles. 


(All photographs stolen shamelessly from an e-mail forward which was, let’s be honest, itself shameless to begin with.)


Blobservations of your own?

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