Get Off Your Blob: Go Bike

What are you on? 


I just think this is so inspiring.  He’s on his bike six hours a day busting his ass.  I mean really, what are you on

Well I’m on my bike, too.  Back on.  And loving it.  

There is just so much to love about a long weekend bike, especially a long weekend bike ride through the Texas Hill Country: hitting the road; being self-sufficient; frozen water bottle; going fast; remembering to re-set your odometer; perservering up that hill; wind in your face; sun on your back (or in my case maybe even too much sun on your back — ugh); persevering up another hill; making it to the water tower; coasting home. 

I got out-of-town this past weekend, and instead of logging a long run on Saturday, I did a long ride instead.  This is really fitness at its best.  Dont get me wrong, I’m not implying I am any sort of picture of fitness.  What I mean is, fitness, exercise, all that stuff, you know it’s really best when it comes naturally — when you don’t even realize you’re getting a workout.  I feel like people talk about that effect all the time, but really how often does that actually happen?  As you know, I love my running, but there is never on second that I’m running that I don’t realize I’m getting a workout.  Every step is wrought from my body like rivets from steel.  Each quarter-mile is struggled-for, toiled-through, and hard-earned.  

Not so with biking.   

What a view.


With cycling, there’s a nice groove, there are more frequent and more enjoyable moments of speed, precision, and delight.  And it’s much easier (i.e. humanly possible) to chat with a fellow rider than a running partner.  Of course, even on a bike the up-hill miles are no fiesta, but the downhills more than make up for it.  And the distance!  There’s just something so very satisfying about TWENTY MILES! (As opposed to running, where it’s more like “Twenty whole minutes – woo!”)  I read somewhere that your best running pace is that at which you could carry on a casual conversation.  On reading this I was humbled to realize my optimum pace is actually sitting at my desk!  The only conversations going on during my runs are between me and my feet (“Move, dammit.”); between me and my lungs (“Please keep working!“); and between me and myself (“I’m not sure if one more mile buys a donut or not . . .”).  But with cycling, at least on the flats and downhills, I’m free to ruminate upon everything from Kagan’s appointment, to the latest in summer fashion, to Arizona’s immigration law.  I’d say that’s an upgrade. 

So what am I on?  Here’s what I’m thinking as the gears are turning: 

Bike gears


Needless to say, I’m not on my bike six hours a day like Lance.  I’m not even on my bike six hours a WEEK – though I would if I could.  The point is that what I’m on now is a new fitness kick.  All the trouble I’ve had keeping up with P90X seems to be a product of the overwhelming time commitment, and the overwhelming desire to avoid P90X workouts at all costs.  What I’m on now is the bandwagon of Do What You Like.  I’m thinking that if I just commit to making time, it will be easier to keep up on a fitness routine that includes activities I actually WANT to do.  This essentially cuts the commitment of P90X [(a) to exercises that are not fun; and (b) to making time] in HALF [(a) just make time].  Thus I think this will be easier, more fun, more attainable. 

At the very least, it’s more scenic! 



  1. Love the new do what you like mentality. The bike ride really is exercise at it’s best. I long for RAGBRAI one summer soon.

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