The Little Things: Eats and Treats

EATS: Ok, seriously, WHAT is Quinoa?

  • A 1992 Music Album by Tangerine Dream* (Turn it up!)
  • A species of Goosefoot* (Um, gross.)
  • A misspelling of Peruvian town Quinua* (Vacation, all I ever wanted)
  • A pseudocereal rather than a true cereal* (Obvious when it didn’t turn my milk chocolatey brown)
  • What I at for lunch this week. (For real.)

* See Wikipedia: Quinoa

Only Sideshow Blob could convince me to try something this healthy and hippy-ish.  I dutifully turned my nose up to it at first because, I mean, in full disclosure — I’m the kind of person who gets this text from dear friends:

We'll always have Sweetwater . . . .
"We miss you!"

But when Sideshow Blob worked with a chef of a local fancy-pants restaurant, the other chef introduced a quinoa salad recipe, and there were tons of leftovers, which of course is where I come in.  Until now, my working knowledge of quinoa was that it was for health nuts, athletes, tree-huggers, hippies, prius-owners, yogis, and LA socialites.  Or whatever, you know whoever it was for, it just wasn’t for me.  But I think I was wrong there.  It was good!  It was light, salad-y, and FILLING!  In my experience “light” and “filling” are diametrically opposed.  But I’ll say I learned something new with this quinoa.

TREATS:  A new purse makes you feel thinner.

 . . . . Especially when there are shoes that match!  (and they both go great with a new suit, set off just so with a few new accessories.)  I underwent a little Wardrobe Rejuvenation recently, and I’ve got to say it’s the best I’ve felt since starting this whole body-conscious endeavor.  I know it’s cheap (well, maybe not CHEAP cheap, more like vapid), but I think a new outfit is the shortest distance between “Blah, I look gross!” and “Oh heeey, girl!” 

Shopping Spree
Credit: stock-photos/women/female/shop/5714493

I’m not saying it’s the most fulfilling thing ever (though we all know it IS), and I’m not saying the feel-good will last forever, but for now it feels pretty O.K., and that’s just enough.



  1. I too was diametrically opposed to quinoa until one night I was going to be forced to eat chicken with either 2 week old broccoli or a stale bag of Doritos as a side dish. I opted for the lonely box of quinoa that my mom bought and I was surprised by how good it was when cooked in chicken broth.

    Love your blog!

  2. I was reading and thinking, man, that picture looks like Sweetwater Nachos. DUH!! You were greatly missed however.

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