September is National Yoga Month!     

Lululemon suggests it is the perfect time to fire up a 30-day yoga challenge of your own, and I couldn’t agree more.  All summer I’ve been focusing on running faster and getting stronger.  Now, with the change of seasons, I think it’s time for a change in focus.  I still want to run faster, and get stronger, but I also want to be more centered.      

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According to Sharon Gannon, via my friend and yoga-rific anti-blob Chelsea Hover, “You cannot do yoga.  Yoga is your natural state.  What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state.”  Thus, in the interest of manifesting this goal, I will not plan on doing yoga, but on revealing my natural state.  Learning from past slip-ups, chronicled on this blog ad nauseam, I am going to make this goal attainable by including here at the outset the following stipulations:      

1.  It does not have to be a class.       

Since my schedule is cuh-RAY-zy with the typical work crazies compounded by out-of-town-guests crazies, AND holiday-weekend crazies, I will not beat myself up if some, most, or all of my 30 yogas are done outside of a studio, without a teacher, pre-dawn or circa midnight in my walk-in closet to allow my husband and house guests to sleep blissfully and remain un-saddled-up to this new challenge.       

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2.  Any amount of yoga counts as “1” yoga.      

Since, if I’m really going to do yoga every day for 30 days, and since it seems lately more than ever that no two consecutive days are alike, I am not going to lose my mind if I’m not racking up a 90-minute soul-shaking session every day.        

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Since this new challenge does NOT get me off the hook with my commitment to 5k EVERY DAY (more on that later . . . .), I stipulate now that a 20-minute post-run podcast will so totally count.  This is especially helpful today since I, myself, only just learned about National Yoga Month and the 30-day Challenge, and I still have to use tonight for last-minute houseguest preparations.  Day 1, hurdle 1.  Sounds about right.     

3.  The 30-day Yoga Challenge is NOT Cap and Trade     

If you’re going to join me this month, then you’ve gotta join me in the following recitations:  

  • I will accept missed days as they come. 
  • I will accept that missing yoga is a part of having a busy life, a life for which I am truly grateful.
  • I will not assess self-worth as a ratio of days missed over days made.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  I will not attempt to buy back lost days by doubling-up on subsequent days; I will not harbor guilt and keep detailed records and schedules of yoga missed nor will I calculate narrow windows of time for make-ups; I will not allow this challenge to inevitable culminate in a 15-hour yoga blitz on September 30 resulting in a characteristic missing of the forest for the trees.

4.  Nirvana is possible, and optional.     

I sometimes struggle finding mantras and intentions for my practices, since these things should be organic and frankly, I am quite adept at drawing a blank.  I am stipulating now that — though they MAY be — mantras and intentions do not NEED to be global (breathe in — WORLD, breathe out — PEACE).  And, this is really key, it is OK if mantras and intentions focus on me, and not on everyone else, some of the time (breathe in — May dad be safe on business trips abroad; may mom’s golf handicap stay low; may Sideshow Blob’s work stay busy; may all family be healthy; may all humans be reasonable; and . . . and . . . BREATHE OUT).     

Instead, I’m sticking to a mantra and intention that I’ve used in the past with great success.  Breathe in — DO YOUR — Breathe out — VERY BEST.     

Namaste and good luck on the 30-Day Challenge!     

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