Go, Fight, Blob

Now is the time.

Now that we are all saddled back up, the time has come to ride, people.  And ride we shall. 

Ok, but seriously, to what end?  Am I the only one seeking inspiration, here?  Knowing myself as I do, and as I’ve divulged before, I’m a terrible procrastinator.  I’m willing to push any and all action back as late as humanly possible, and generally produce my best (er . . . only) results when pinned firmly under the gun.  I tried to “Get in Swimsuit Shape for Summer,” but now it’s September.  I tried to schedule P90X for a big mid-summer unveiling at a friend’s wedding, but we all know how that turned out.   

Chiacchiere estive
Image by Alessandro Pinna via Flickr

 So now what? 

It’s not all that motivating to hurry up and “Get in Sweater and Jeans Shape for Fall,” is it?  And in fact, I’m pretty sure about a billion studies have shown that a surefire way to yo-yo your fitness is to bear down on yourself like a drill sergeant in hopes of achieving all-but-unattainable results for four weeks, exhaust yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally before your body has a chance to demonstrate real change, get discouraged, frustrated, and depressed, and take it out on a milk shake, side of fries, 12-pack of beer, and medium pepperoni pizza.  Rinse.  Repeat.  

Image via Wikipedia

Power of Positivity 


I’m looking now to motivation for motivaton’s sake alone.  No end goal in sight, isn’t that weird? No target weight, no skinny jeans, no anticipated reaction from admiring onlookers.  Just newness, fitness, capability, and change.

Sure, there will be signposts of progress.  After all, we’re it’s not like we’re talking about Afghanistan or the economy here.  I’m hoping for a half marathon in the winter, a sub-30-minute 5k by the new year, and a triathlon in this lifetime.  But those are just goals, not END goals.  They will hopefully give way to new, more difficult goals in due time.  For now, I start victorious by starting at all.  And I find victory wherever I possibly can: every morning I lace up my sneakers instead of hitting snooze; every hill I want to walk but don’t; every time I sit in that damned eagle-arm chair pose for one more breath cycle and actually breath — VICTORY!

Day by day, inch by inch, mile by mile, and pose by pose I go. 

Image by Bjorn1101 via Flickr

Blobservations of your own?

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