Vacation Tribulation

We’ve had visitors this past holiday weekend, and they stayed longer than usual. 

It seems to me that I can generally squeak through an overnight stay by somehow not having my routine upended too much, or by not having to worry about the one or two missed days.  But when you have guests for a week, things can get tricky.  With visitors around for that length of time, it is easier to slip into what I think of as the MTV Real World state of mind: “Okay, this is not going to last long enough for me to set real boundaries and avoid the temptations of Vacation Lifestyle, but it will probably last just long enough to wreak havoc on any progress I have bade with fitness and regularity.

The Real World
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This doesn’t even account for the fact that, aside from the concentration blip of visitors even being here, these visitors may very well have schedules of their own.  Sacre bleu, dueling agendas (agendae?)! Are you running at the same time of day that they are running?  Clearly you fail to maximize Vacation Lifestyle for your guests if you attempt to work in two different people’s jog-shower-change routine each day, but on the other hand, running at your normal time everyday is so nice.

56/365 morning run
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On the other other hand, does your guest even run?  No?  Well, that means dawn patrol for you. Sneaking out of the house, lights off and foot-specific-supportive-jog socks likely on backwards, while your visitor continues to sleep unknowingly.  Now, being subscribing to the Just-Rip-Off-The-Bandaid school of thought,  I generally prefer dawn patrol.  But I won’t pretend to be so committed over a Holiday Weekend.  I mean, c’mon, we’re only human.

I will say that I am quite proud to report the following:

  • Final count of dropped workouts from the 30-Day Yoga Challenge = 0 (Finally!  A donut I can be proud of!)
  • Final count of dropped workouts from the 5k EVERYDAY Commitment = 2

Not perfect, but not horrendous, either.  I will say that the 2 dropped runs were both on rainy days, so I’m attributing those losses more to the weather than the guests.  (More bad weather running later.)  In the meantime, I’m heartened to know that all-in-all my resolve remained fairly strong, given the obstacles associated with hosting guests.  You’ll notice I didn’t even mention what happened to “Healthy Eating” while having visitors, I think you probably know what that means. 

Pot bellied pig at Lisbon Zoo
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 But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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