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 I know I’m not alone in my excitement about the cooler crisper weather (89 degrees instead of 102 degrees — pea coat!) and the fact that the holidays are officially in the not-too-distant future (I’ve got to stay focused though, because before I get to cranberry sauce and sweatpants or wrapping paper and cable knit, I still have to make it through Hallo-skanko-ween)!   

SDSU Sorority Girls in slutty Halloween costumes
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September Stats   

Goals for september included the 5K EVERYDAY Challenge, and the National Yoga Month 30-day challenge.  I am very happy to report that there have been major successes on all fronts.  I managed to run 20 out of the 30 days in September, which doesn’t include days that I biked, or the days that fell over Sideshow Blob’s 30th Birthday Weekend.  Now, to be clear, 5K EVERYDAY was not just a September Challenge.  That’s the foundation of all my fitness efforts right now, but I’m really rather pleased that it has gone from a ceiling to a floor, from a goal to a given, from imagination to expectation. Another September Success is a little backward.  I don’t actually know how I did with the 30-Day Yoga Challenge.  Given my anxiety about making it every day of the 30-Day Challenge, and my compulsion to double-up, this is quite an accomplishment indeed.  I know I did alright, because my practice is getting much better, my flexibility and strength are nearing all-time highs, and I feel weird if I don’t get a yoga in on any given day.  That’s enough.  Hell, that’s great.  

 October Objectives   

With the temperatures easing up (ever so slightly), I’m starting to think about running longer distances.  Now is the time to incrementally up my running, looking toward a half-marathon in the spring.  The goal for October will up 5K EVERYDAY to 4 miles a day, with a 6 mile weekend long-run.  The other weekend day will still be devoted to biking, but I’m upping my mileage there from a weekly 10 mile ride to a weekly 15 mile ride.  

Also, since the 30-Day Yoga Challenge in September benefitted my muscle tightness, my running form, my cycling form, and my general centeredness, I’m going to keep it up.  Everyone knows a little yoga goes a long way, so I’m still going to try to get at least a little yoga in every single day.  I’m also going to not keep track of my stats, having achieved my whole new “Live in the Now” mindset.    

Here goes nothing . . . .  


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