To Stop Being a Blob, Just Stop Being a Blob

I’ve been needing a little extra motivation this month. 

Here I am halfway through Blobtober and I’m already behind on my workout schedule.  I’m trying not to get too down on myself but man, it’s feeling like a pretty dismal first step.  So far, October has brought with it all of my favorite cop outs: work is crazy; we had visitors from out-of-town staying with us; and when it comes to Halloween treats my philosophy remains “Eat ’em while ya got ’em!”

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Plus there are a few NEW copouts like, “Brrr! It’s too cold to run before work when my bed is THIS snuggly;” “I don’t wan to lose sleep in the morning to work out because I can NOT get run down and risk getting sick;” and “now that I’ve added more distance to my runs they take to long and make me late for work.”

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And so, here I am mid-month and its time to slam the lid on those wimpy excuses.  Before I know it, November will be here with longer mileage, colder mornings, and MORE comfort foods.  If I don’t secure the October Step-Up in Intensity, I won’t be in shape for the November Step-Further-Up in Intensity.  This could jeopardize not only my whole goal of running an official Half Marathon by the end of February, but also my Attained-Goal Prize of new running gear from Lululemon — and that just can’t happen. 

I just keep telling myself, “If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it.”




You know, I went back to my Nike+ site where I track all of my runs to get a little data for this post.  I went there to scrounge the cold-hard facts about what a slacker I’ve been this month so far, and you know what I found?  Nothing that I expected.

I am already more than half-way through Blobtober and I’ve got 11 of my weekday 4-mile runs down (out of a possible 13 as of the drafting of this post), and two weekly 6-mile runs (out of a possible 3).  That means I’ve only dropped three runs out of a total possible 16.  I’m doing better than 80%, which, is damn good for a self-professed Blob. 

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It’s true that I’ve hardly done any yoga, and that I’ve done NO bike rides at all.  But I thought I’d throw in as an update that things may not always be quite as bad as they seem.  Clearly, I’ve not stuck to the program perfectly.  But I think that in keeping with the message of motivation in this post, it’s important to find motivation from your own example whenever humanly possible.

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