Mixing it (S)UP

Ok folks.

I’ve been waxing on about running, running goals, running routes, and even running clothes a lot lately.  I’ve started to realize that running is all I’m really doing.  I wanted to do some yoga every day, but I haven’t.  I wanted to get out on my bike every weekend, too.  But I havent done that either.  I’m wondering if I’m a little bit stuck in a rut.

Which is one reason I was so excited to finally get a crack at something I’ve been wanting to do since this picture was published in every magazine and on every website in the Western World back in 2007:

Jen Aniston SUP-ing
Credit: beach.orangecounty.com

That’s right — Stand Up Paddling, or “SUPing” as it’s known to insiders like me and Jen.  It was great!  Like me, my dad had also been looking for an opportunity to try it too.  Say what you will about being beach people living in central Texas, because we were out on the water, soaking up rays, and loving life in the middle of October.  Doesn’t get much better.

Downtown Austin from across Town Lake.
Image via Wikipedia

I should also say one of the reasons this experience was so fun, easy, and just generally awesome was the company we rented from SUP ATX.  To be clear, they don’t know me, they (probably) don’t read this blog, and they certainly didn’t give me anything to write about them.  That said, they really were great, and if you get a chance — in Austin OR in Southern California — to give SUPing a try, I highly recommend going through them.  They rock.

Besides just having a great time getting outside and exercising in a more relaxed, recreational atmosphere, I learned the value of mixing it up.  I’ve never been much of a cross-trainer, or let’s be honest, much of a trainer at all.  But I really felt much more invigorated and motivated getting back to my ol’ 4-mile a day grind this week, and I think it’s because I didn’t just stick to the ol’ 6-mile weekend grind.  I’m going to try to do at least one workout a week that’s not running. (I know, I know, that was SUPPOSED to be biking . . . but just stay with me here.)   I believe that I’ll be much more successful sustaining fitness as a lifestyle if there’s just a little bit more spice of life involved.  Let me know if you’ve been inspired recently and found a way to mix it up.  I’d love to hear about any of the ways you guys are keeping it interesting out there.

Reach out blobs, let’s mix it up.

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