MOVE-ember, Not MOO-vember

It’s time for another monthly step-up in my DIY Half-Marathon Training.

I’m feeling good about the last two months on my DIY Half Marathon Training program.  5K EVERYDAY started out well, and despite my mid-month jitters, I was able to hang pretty well with the first step-up to 4 miles every weekday.  I want to make sure I can tackle this next step-up to 5 miles every weekday, especially since November is colder, wetter, and homemade cookie-er than September and October combined.  (Of course nothing holds a candle to December, but like I’ve said before and like I’m sure I’ll say again: “I won’t think about that now.”)  The focus for November is to keep moving, not moo-ing.

Somewhere between Jenner and Gualala, CA
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 October Objectives

Here’s the rundown on the October Goals and Results:

  • Run 4 miles every weekday (Ran 4 miles on 17 of 21 weekdays
  • Run a longer 6 mile run once a week (Ran 2 of 5 possible long runs)
  • Bike once a week for 10-15 miles (Biked 2 of 5 possible days, 20 miles and 31 miles)
  • Do a little yoga every day. (Unreportably abysmal performance, here)

Clearly, I stand to improve on my weekend workouts, both running and biking.  Especially after being embarrassingly left behind as the Little Biker That Could on the Tour de Gruene last weekend.  It’s just that I have been working so hard to get those weekday runs in EVERY day, that by the weekend I end up feeling entitled to my expertly rationalized Free Pass.  Truly, though, I’m starting to get to that point with this training that I genuinely feel better when I get those longer and somehow more liberating workouts in on the weekends.  I promise I’ll try to remember that BEFORE I plant by blob on the couch for a Sunday morning CrapTV-fest this weekend! 

contented couch potato
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 Also, my yoga has dwindled to practically NO-ga.  Lucky for me, as I report back all my Brass Tacks of last month’s performance statistics, I achieved a zen awareness a while back about the foolhardiness of counting yoga.  It just seemed so very un-yoga to count the times you do yoga to compete with yourself in a hyper-yang Western bastardization of what yoga is supposed to be and do for you.  (Like, seriously, stop being so totally hyper-yang.)  Though, I’ll admit this non-counting zentrification comes in quite handy as someone who has not kept up the bargain of doing A Little Yoga Everyday. 

Yoga For Geeks @ Penguin Day - Seattle
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What’s bothersome is the fact that, when I was doing A Little Yoga Everyday during the 30 Day Yoga Challenge in September, I realized that it really doesn’t take much yoga to make you feel the effects of being an everyday yogi.  Even though on weekdays, as I’m simultaneously plugging in a hair dryer and hot rollers, ironing a rebellious shirt collar, and cream-cheesing a blackened bagel, I manage to convince myself there couldn’t possibly be time for even the tiniest bit of yoga, that’s really just another one of my blobby cop outs.  Which brings me to —

November Numbers

 For the entire month of November I will:

  • Run 5 miles every weekday (I already found and tried a sweet perfectly 5-mile loop!
  • Run a longer 8 mile run once a week (BIG jump — can I really do it?)
  • Bike once a week for 10-15 miles (The shame of Gruene should light this fire.)
  • Do a little yoga every day. (Like, for reals this time.)

Here goes nothing (again) . . . .

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