The Little Things: Putting the LO Back in CaLOric Intake

I need all the help I can get.

If you’ve been a reader of this Blog from the beginning, or if you went back and did a little archival homework, then you know this whole movement away from Blob started with major hurdle of sadistic office sweets.  Mercifully my office did away with Donut Thursday, and once I’d set in stone that office sodas and tiny chocolates (on hand for clients but permissively pilfered by jonesing desk dwellers) things were actually going well at work.  I really hit my stride in September when financial setbacks got me in the habit of brown-bagging my lunch and foregoing my beloved daily frappucino. 

Slice of banoffee pie with vanilla ice cream a...
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That is, of course until the unavoidable happened – the pie was gone.  I don’t know what happened to my sense of inevitability, but I genuinely expected that there would always be pie.  Until there wasn’t.  Well, I was already up from my desk, coffee brewed and poured so – short of a cold shower – my only option was to dip into the tine work chocolates for clients and jonesing desk dwellers (because, really, when you think about it, two tiny chocolates are actually better for you than a whole slice of pie.  Sort of like how getting hit by a car is better for you than getting his by a train.).

Train hits Car
Jacked from: trains-hit-cars-hard-photos/

And thus began my complete and total descent back into the murky depths and inescapable grip of my passionate love affair with afternoon Coke and chocolate.  Oh yeah, I was forced back on sodas by wimpy lame-o sleep-dependent co-workers who can’t commit to going in on a PM pot with me every afternoon.  So, I’m really back to square two here with Coke and chocolates back on table since at least I’ve stayed strong against the donuts (which are nowhere to be found).

Credit: moi

Which brings me to this installation of The Little Things: anything remotely sufferable that can help a Blob keep the vacuum powers of caloric intake from creating a black hole.

Reduced Sugar Granola Bars WITH CHOCOLATE

Chewy, crunchy, satisfying.  And all this without the tell-tale fudgy thumbprint on my memos.

Credit: moi

Propel – It’s the New Coke

This really helps with the dreaded yet universally advised chore of drinking more water than what melts off the rocks in my margarita.

Credit: moi

Lucerne Fat Free Vanilla Creamer – It’s the New Frappucino

Genuinely delicious in my homemade coffees both hot and iced.  Also eye-rollingly good added to pancakes, biscuits, and banana milkshakes (even if I should really only be having the coffee and shakes).

Lucerne Fat Free Vanilla Creamer
Credit: moi

So seriously: No more Cokes, no more chocolates (…Take 2…)


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