8 Mile: or “Lose Yourself,” Starting with the Soles of Your Feet

This past weekend was my first real, serious step-up in the workouts according to my DIY Half Marathon Training Plan.  Having run four miles every weekday and a few six-milers on the weekends through October, I have been pleasantly surprised with how I’ve been feeling on my daily five-mile runs.  But then came last weekend.  Time to step-up to the Big 8.



The Straight Mile. Looking north, this is one ...
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Right now, for me anyway, the threshold between casual, recreational running and stand-back-because-we’re-really-trainin’-now running is officially somewhere smack between six and eight miles.  I ran the full eight on Sunday (at an 8:55 pace, no less!) and managed to multi-task the first 6.4 miles as a dry-run around the Cap10K route that I’ll be using for my Halfway Halfway 10K this coming weekend.

I was a little bummed that I only eked out a dead 9:00/mile even pace on the 10K, since that means I’ll still really have to push it this weekend for the Halfway Halfway 10K if I’m going to come in at a pace UNDER 9:00/mile and score my Lululemon Prize.  I’ll admit that I was king of hoping that recent training would allow me to sort of coast through the Halfway Halfway 10K pretty easily.  What I didn’t account for was how hilly the stinkin’ Cap10K route is!  I have no problem telling you that pretty much all I thought about during miles 3 through 6 were other possible FLATTER 10K routes I could use for this challenge.  Where do they run the Piece of Paper/Pancake/Board/Earth-circa-1550AD Race, anyway?

Final Frontier Voyager
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In the end, though, I’ve decided to stick with the Cap10K Route because the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.  Also, and perhaps more motivating than the mere inertia of an arbitrary decision already made, is that nothing worth having comes easy.  Proof positive: just get a load of this blister-on-a-blister souvenir I got after the 8-miler:

Double Blister
Credit: Moi

I’m not all that worried about Das Dopple Blister, other than just hoping it callouses sooner rather than later so I don’t get set back this month.  (Wow.  What’s happened to me.  ME.  The Princess of the Pedicure?  Times change.)  Of slightly more concern is a persistent knot high in the arch of only one foot.  Has anyone else had this?  If you have had this, or if you have it now, do yourself a favor and FOREGO the WebMD search.  I’m now terrified that my plantar faciitis is not only going to derail my Halfway Halfway 10K and my 1/2 Marathon, but my career as a Broadway Rockette, long walks on the beach, and general locomotion for the reset of my life.  So far this is the best I could come up with: 

At-Work Foot Massage
Credit: Moi

It’s Sideshow Blob’s lacrosse ball now living under my desk for anytime impromptu arch massages.  I guess you can’t really consider yourself an athlete until you’ve got the sports injuries to prove it.  As least this whole battle with Blobiness is finally yielding some war stories and battle scars. 

Here’s to not giving up the fight!

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