This is About Courage

Tell me who hasn’t had days, weeks, months, or even entire lives just like this:

I know I do.  I wake up on time with no snooze – first hurdle cleared.  Somehow I squander all that extra time in the morning and run out the door with no breakfast – hurdle down but I’m still running.  Starving by 10:15 AM I sneak to Starbucks where I get a Grande instead of Tall, and a Rice Krispie Treat instead of a bagel – legs tangled up in the hurdle, we’re both on the ground.  Healthy lunch, post-work run – clear and clear.  Late night happy hour with Sideshow Blob for enormous beers and wings – the hurdle is on top of me and I look like I might cry.  You get the idea.

...and in last place.
Image by ....Tim via Flickr

This week has been particularly tough with hurdles like working late, home-life commitments, and a last-minute happy hour invite from a fried.  I missed THREE of my planned five runs!  Now, this may be pure unadulterated rationalization here, but I am hoping that this time off will help heal my giant Dopple Blister in time for the Halfway Halfway 10K on Sunday.  Rationalization or not, the truth is that if young Alexis could marshal the chutzpah to keep running after five downed hurdles, inevitably skinned knees, and the hot tears of jr. high humiliation, well then I can definitely get back on track after a measly three missed runs. 

Just don’t anybody call me for happy hour . . . . 

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  1. Someone should figure out how you can bring enormous beers and wings with you on your runs. I’m thinking like a tv tray stand that hooks to your neck like a musicians harmonica, but aerodynamic and with a cool design of course.

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