RESULTS: Halfway Halfway 10K


Post Halfway Halfway 10K Blob
Credit: Moi

The Halfway Halfway 10K is done and over with, and I DID IT!  I ran the whole thing (6.2 miles) at a pace of 8:32 minutes per mile.  My goal was to run anything faster than 9:00 minutes per mile.  On my weekday 5-milers I’ve been running in the 8:45-8:55 range, so I was very excited to be down so close to 8:30 this time.  It’s true what people say about adrenaline on measurement day, I guess.  I booked it!  I was so excited that I even managed a 2-mile victory lap of sorts, just to make sure I got the full 8 miles for my weekend long run.  Yeah, I smash goals like boom.  Pow.

Image by id-iom via Flickr

Immediately upon finishing by run I drove directly to Lululemon to claim my prize – the brand new, ultra cute, suffocatingly supportive running bra.  It should come in rather handy as my runs get longer and longer.  Of course, in the same way that no one can eat just one Lays potato chip, my willpower to buy just the sports bra was instantly eroded, and I hooked myself up with a few other goodies, too.  8 miles with a sweaty ponytail desperately trying to escape my winter running beanie by creeping down my neck made the beanie-with-ponytail-hole an obvious choice.  Also, the permanent indentation of my car key on my hip made the wrist pocket an easy sell, too.

Prize Halfway Halfway 10K
Credit: Lululemon


Credit: Lululemon
Prize Halfway Halfway 10K - Ring Key Cuff
Credit: Lululemon


And, of course, as soon as I could get showered and changed after my own little prize-claiming medal ceremony in Lululemon, I afforded myself one final treat:

Wings and Beer
Image by Navin75 via Flickr

It was a good day to be a Blob!

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