Twofer Twosday

Some people say good things happen in threes. 

That’s nice for those who also think more is better, but for those of content in thinking more is sometimes just more, two can be pretty nice, too.  Today was just one of those two-by-two kind of days.  When I got to work this morning, I immediately headed to Starbucks for my beloved frappucino.  I did this even though I had remembered to make coffee at home and remembered to bring it to work and not leave it in the pot at home (both of which count, in my book, as “accomplishments.”).  Maybe that makes me greedy, or an addict, or a procrastinator, or nuts, or whatever.  Whatever the case, it’s just as well because it turned out to be a two-coffee minimum work day anyway. 

Double Coffee Restaurant in Riga
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Five minutes after returning from Starbucks my beloved frappucino was finished.  Luckily, or grotesquely – however you want to look at it – my home-brewed coffee was still hot.  Still on a Twofer Track, and feeling that the home-brew just lacked something, I tossed in two marshmallows.  More on the friggin’ marshmallows later.

Coffee Treat
Credit: Moi

Now that the workday is over, but I’m still mysteriously energized (Weird.  What could’ve caused that?), you are enjoying another Twofer Tuesday by-product – the second post of the day.  I guess I can’t really attribute that to The Power of Two, or to my frenetic caffeine-fueled productivity, but really more to my lazy inability to get the Halfway Halfway 10K results posted on Monday like I should have.  Still, it IS two on Tuesday, so I say that counts.

Now it’s time to finish of Twofer Tuesday with perhaps a second run.  I already logged a 5-er this morning before work.  I know I’ve talked about not overdoing it, but I am actually behind on my monthly runs after dropping no less than three runs last week.  Aside from that somewhat crazy justification,   even after working late and cranking out a second blog post today I still need to burn off a little extra coffee buzz.

Plus maybe doubling up today means going easy tomorrow . . . .

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