Calling All Blobs: Please Don’t Stop the Music

I need your podcast recommendations.

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I’m officially over the hump of Thanksgiving planning, preparation, cleaning, organizing, and otherwise doing, which means I’m officially entering the holiday enjoyment zone where long naps, long chats, long bike rides, long yoga sessions, and long runs cease being 3:00PM work interlude daydreams and start being my real life.  In light of the fact that my pre-holiday obsessive task-mastering set me back a few workouts last week, I’m planning to catch up with a couple long leisurely workouts while I am vacationing and giving thanks this year.  As you may know, I’m a huge fan of podcasts for all my workouts (especially . . . er, exclusively . . . the FREE ones).  In fact, my entire fitness regimen revolves entirely around podcasts (with the rare exceptions being my Saturday Zumba dance-fests). 

For Cycling:


Cadence Revolution

I am totally hooked on Cadence Revolution: Your Weekly Source for 30, 60, and 90 minute Cardio Mixes and Coaching Tracks.  Aside from being just generally great music to workout to, I love that the songs all flow together (no awkward seconds of silence between songs where I catch the sound of my gurgling pulse heavy in my ears filling with the fear of my certain and impending death).  And there is a cool signal 5 minutes into all of the podcasts to let you know, “Alright, buddy, warm-up is over, time to step on it!”  Since they come in such a nice variety of lengths, and since there is a new one in each of the three lengths every week, I’m actually OK for Cycling content at the moment.

For Yoga:

Buddha iPod
Jacked From: Chillaxing the World at

I’ve found podcasts offering yoga classes for 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and even 90 minutes.  The 20 minute podcasts at Yogamazing are great, because they are aimed at specific sports, activities, and ailments (think – yoga for equestrians or yoga for back pain.  Where’s Yoga for Blobs?)  They also come with accompanying video if  you aren’t fluid in whattheheckwasthat-asana, yet.  20-Minute yoga sessions from Yoga Download are great, too, though more advanced than Yogamazing, so be warned.

The 45-minute classes at Hillary’s Yoga Practice Podcast are great, but they don’t seem to come out very often.  I’ve been re-running the same three or four classes for about a year now.  The 60 and 90-minute classes at Jai Prem Yoga are great, but let’s be real — they’re 60 or 90 freakin’ minutes.  That’s a lot of time between the morning run and the morning battle with my hair that I frankly just don’t have.

Since I’ve been trying to do “some” yoga every day, I have come to the self-realization that 30 minutes is the perfect porridge temp for making sure I can get in a little yoga each day.  I haven’t been able to find a good, free, podcast with 30-minute classes.  Any ideas?

For Running:

Jacked From:

Since I have been running every day, and since I’ve been running with the iPod longer than I’ve been doing anything else with the iPod, I’ve already racked up a pretty good collection of podcasts.  For short runs there’s the suite of Slate podcasts: Political Gabfest, Culturefest, and Double X.  But now that even my daily runs exceed 45 minutes, I’ve been relying more heavily on longer selections like 60 Minutes (although, it’s really closer to 45 minutes without commercials — who knew?)  and Bill Maher’s Real Time.  For my long runs on the weekends, I rely solely on Phedippidations, which run about 60 to 80 minutes each time and make it feel like you’re running together with someone, chatting along, only you don’t have to chat back or be embarrassed by the fact that any attempt to do so would surely cause you to violently vomit.

My problem is this: my DIY 1/2 Marathon Training is ramping up with runs that now last more than 60 minutes.  Since I find the sound of my own wheezing embarrassing and gross, and since all my favorite podcasts are published only weekly, I am quickly spending down my cache of saved-up good listening. 


I did come across PodRunner in a recent search through the iTunes Store, and I dig the way they are sorted according to BPM (beats per minute, which translates to steps per minute since you generally match your cadence to the pace of your music).  This helps when I’m trying to up my speed by allowing me to select a music mix slightly faster than my normal steps-per-minute.  Still, though, in the end, I really do prefer talking podcasts to just straight music.  Maybe I need to check out free lectures or audio books — any of you blobs got any leads? 

Let me know.

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