Blobble Blobble!

Happy Thanksgiving, Blobs!

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Hopefully not the least of your thanks is that you’re not at your desk reading this blog post, but just sneaking under the table on your handheld device either a lull in dinner conversation or a particularly divisive political rant by that non-relation your family insists on calling “Uncle.”  Of course we all have so very much to be thankful for this year.  Like:

  • This guide from Slate for getting through your “Uncle’s” rant.
  • Blister-less feet, cozy socks, tight-tights, and time for a longer long run.
  • The logic permitting the conclusion that if pumpkin is a vegetable, then pumpkin pie is really just quiche.
  • The logic permitting the conclusion that since quiche is a side dish, I still have room for dessert.
  • The willpower to go for a long walk with a loved one instead of snoozing through the third quarter of a meaningless football game.
  • Sleeping late, laughing long, and NOT counting calories.
  • Elastic-waisted pants.
  • Dreams we’ve turned into goals.
  • Goals we’ve broken down into tasks.
  • Motivation.
  • Support.
  • Each other.
  • Nike+.
  • GPS.
  • Power songs like “Man in the Mirror” and The Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack.
  • YOGA, for stress, for stiffness, for digestion.
  • Cheesy fries, curly fries, loaded waffle fries, 40oz cokes, guacamole, 40oz beers, wings, beers too dark to see through, cocktails with fancy sugared rims, cocktails with fancy salted rims, ranch AND bleu cheese, and knowing it is ok to have it all (even if you can’t have it all ALL the time.)
Thanksgiving oven
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Happiest of holidays to you and yours — Let’s sleep late, eat much, breathe deep, and run long!

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