The AfterMath

It’s the day after the day. 

Now that the holiday has passed, it feels like it has finally started.  No more cleaning, no more organizing, no more prepping, and no more cooking.  No more agonizing over what people might say or do, what people might not say or do, or what to wear or not wear.  No more figures to figure or numbers to count — The glorious AfterMath!   Now all that’s left is a blissful long weekend.  The free time!  The leftovers!  The shopping!

The Free Time

Run Long

It really is a special day when you can sleep late and still run long.  Especially when you work weekdays AND live in Central Texas, running right in the middle of the day is generally not a possibility.  But now that Freedom Friday is here, and now that temperatures have dropped to seasonally brisk levels, mid-afternoon running is not only optional – it’s optimal! 

The Leftovers 

Yay! Love those leftovers. Two of my favorite ...
Image via Wikipedia Commons

The Thanksgiving meal is great, I mean, it’s the reason for the season and all.  But I really do prefer the leftovers to the first time around.  There’s no more pressure to take a scoop of every dish, regardless of what you like.  There’s also no pressure to eat your weight in leftovers.  You can casually graze through only your favorites, enjoying just one or two perfect bites here and there.  It really is the best.

The Shopping

I, for one, am not partaking in Black Friday festivities this year, though it is something I hold in rather high regard.  Instead, I am hunkering down with all my free time and leftovers to finalize my Christmas list.  Here it is:

Vibram Five Fingers
Credit: products/products_sprint_f.cfm


Lulu Run Tech SS


Lululemon Skort

Happy Black Friday, All!


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