Through No Blob of My Own

Life is so unfair.

I hate just standing idly by watching my monthly goals spiral down the drain.  It’s one thing to let my goals away while chowing 18 hot wings or to cheers my goals bon voyage with a stein of dark beer.  But it is another thing entirely to have my monthly goals ripped out from under me through no fault of my own. 

Bathtub drain
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Per usual, I planned to have a really productive last few days of November to drive my monthly goals home.  (Procrastinators unite . . . tomorrow!)  But no.  It just couldn’t happen, could it?  Instead, the flu.  The dreaded stomach flu.  Granted, it was only a 24 hour thing, but it was violent while it lasted.  What’s more, I got hit on Monday morning.  So not only am I out of the running for my monthly goals, I’m also behind a day at work.  Going through my calendar for the rest of the week trying to find a way to wedge those missed hours in, under, and around the remaining work days this week has me already fearing the effects of exhaustion on my already weakened immune defenses permitting an assault by some other sickness. 

flu virus
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It seems I’m faced with my old recurring dilemma here: To buckle down, double up, and stay on-plan at all costs, or to let it pass, let it be, and focus on maintaining balance.  I know this is only the 450th time I’ve been at this same fork in the road, but as always, the latter makes rational sense, but somehow still feels like a cop-out.  I guess since it is the last day of the month, the results are already in and there’s really not much left to ponder. 

Free Child Walking on White Round Spheres Bala...
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 I’ll just have to let it pass, let it be and focus on balance.

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  1. the weight loss from the stomach flu should give you a free pass to skip a work out. tell me it wasn’t caused by a chocolate croissant…

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