Decimating December

Here we are — another step-up in the DIY Half Marathon Training. 



Keeping on track through November was really tough.  A lot of this had to do with the fact that Holiday preparations took up precious time and energy.  I spent many of the hours that I usually spend running, biking, and downward-dogging doing other things like grocery shopping, dusting, vacuuming, and grout whitening.  I guess the good news there is that I wasn’t just blobbing around sucking back gingerbread lattes and watching Thanksgiving Specials on TV.  The bad news is that we’re past Thanksgiving now and on to Christmas; it’s the big leagues, baby.  The treats are tastier, sweeter, fattier, and more numerous.  Mornings are darker and colder.  TV movies are better, longer, and on repeat.  The to-do list is longer, more detailed, and more imperative as the days are LITERALLY being counted down.

Advent Calendar
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November Numbers

Here’s how I did for November:

  • GOAL: Run 5 miles every weekday, Monday through Friday.
    • RESULT: Ran 5 miles on 13 out of 22 possible days.  This is DOWN from last month’s 14/21 days.  BLOB!
  • GOAL: Run an 8-miler once a week, probably Saturdays.
    • RESULT: Ran 2 out of a possible 4 long run days.  This is UP from last month’s 2/5, but probably because there were fewer Saturdays in November than October.  Also, I did a little better since I was getting ready for the Halfway Halfway this month.  However, I’ve not done a long run since then!  BLOB!
  • GOAL: Bike once a week for 10 to 15 miles.
    • RESULT: Biked 0 out of a possible 4 days.  Utter failure.  I have not been on my bike since the Humiliation at Tour de Gruene.  I have been invited twice to ride with my non-blob triathlete friend and something has come up each time.  I’m really feeling the holiday pinch here as weekends turn from relaxing work breaks to precious time to knock out Holiday Must-Dos.  I know this pressure is only going to ramp up as weekends become important Christmas Shopping time.  I really need to buckle down on making time for this, since I really do enjoy it.  This is why, for December, I’m just trying to make sure I get ON the bike once a week, no matter how far or fast I go. 
  • GOAL: Some yoga every day.
    • RESULT: Terrible.  I did a little yoga here and there, but like I said about biking, I’m really starting to feel the pinch with my free time as Holiday Must-Dos and Holiday events start to encroach on my exercise time.  I have to say though, I am really feeling the effect of this slacking.  My muscle tone has reduced A LOT since the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and I became a stressed out maniacal basket-case overloaded with Thanksgiving stress.  I’ve learned a lesson that saving myself the 30 minutes a day just isn’t worth the return of the Heybabies and the early onset of Holiday Stress Mania. 
Yoga Stress
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December Digits

For the entire month of December, I will:

  • Run 6 miles every weekday, Monday through Friday.
  • Run a 10-miler once a week, probably Saturdays.
  • Bike once a week, no matter how far or fast.
  • Do a little yoga every day.

It’s going to be quite a climb out of the depths of November.

Climber on mountain of Rochlitz
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 Here we go . . . .

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