Blobbing in a Winter Wonderland

This is bad — as bad as it’s ever been.

I’ve successfully turned into a workaholic this holiday (yeah, that’s right.  It’s a workaholiday).  What was once, perhaps, one of my top cop-outs – “I’m seriously too busy a work to work out, and besides, being so busy I’ve earned some lazy down-time.” – has now evolved into my only reality.  Need proof?  I have run only ONE time since Thanksgiving weekend.  ONE TIME!  This was supposed to be a really big month for me.  Big distance, big progress in cutting my mile time.  I just have not been able to make it happen, and I’m suffering now.  I went to Zumba for the first time in two weeks this past weekend and nearly died.  I was SORE.  From Zumba.  This does not bode well for the daily 6-miles I’m supposed to be doing.  Or the weekend 10 miles.  I truly shudder to think.

What do they say about a cluttered desk?
Image by patriotworld via Flickr

But it’s not just my physical fitness that’s suffering.  It’s my mental fitness, too.  Working long hours to the exclusion of absolutely everything else has forged me some miniature inroads at my office.  But what about, um, everything else.  I’ve completely out of touch with the holiday season, spending little to know time with Sideshow blob, spending precious little time cozying up in my holiday jammies enjoying holiday treats.  Need proof?  I haven’t watched A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, OR Love, Actually yet.  Like I said, this is bad.

A Christmas Story
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So after working myself beyond all recognition these past two weeks, I’ve decided that if I’m going to get ANYTHING out Holiday 2010, I’ve got to get serious, like now.  This past weekend I spent and entire day baking Christmas cookies with good friends.  Sideshow Blob and I got a tree up, lighted, and decorated, got 1/2 of our Christmas gifts for our friends and family, and even addressed our Christmas Cards.  So mental fitness is getting right back on track.  (Still need to catch up on holiday movie watching, though.)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
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So in keeping with the spirit of this past weekend, and in order to keep the spirit of this past weekend, I’m taking a page out of the Lululemon Playbook and committing to the 12 Days of Fitmas.  For the next twelve days I will, do my very best to run AND attend a yoga class AT A STUDIO every single day.  I’m not going to beat myself up if I miss the run, but the yoga is non-negotiable.

Love Actually
Image by nehuenmingote via Flickr

 Who’s with me?

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