Second Day of Fitmas: The Turtle Dove


Tuesday was the Second Day of Fitmas. 

Oriental turtle dove
Image by via Flickr



Ah, the Turtle Dove: neither a turtle, nor a dove.  Discuss.  Invigorated, exhilarated, and still on the high of my first yoga head stand, I awoke like Scrooge having been visited by the Blob of Fitmas Past.  I was filled with the Fitmas Spirit and ready to redouble my efforts.  So, I took off on a sunrise run, and while running, I was both the turtle AND the dove.

I FELT like the dove. 






Feral Rock Dove
Image via Wikipedia

Free, fast, light, and just generally great.  Since this was one of the first (only) runs I’ve done this month, I hadn’t set up a go-to route since I am now up to 6 daily miles from 5 daily miles last month.  Not having time (or readily available internet access) to plot a perfect 6-mile route, I just planned to do the old 5-mile route with a little twice-around-the-block action at the end hoping to eke it up to 6 miles. 

But when I finally did reach 6 miles, according to my trusty Nike+iPod, I wasn’t all that near my house.  I guess I miscalculated the value of that last additional loop, but the weird part was that I didn’t mind.  I was coasting along, still breathing rhythmically (no small feat for a wheeze-tastic blob like me), and happy to just. keep. going.

But I RAN like the Turtle. 




The Tortoise and the Hare, illustrated by Milo...
Image via Wikipedia


Add this to the official running list titled “You Know You Are A Blob If:” – Frost forms on you while you are running.  What is it they say about the rolling stone gathering no moss?  How slow do you have to be running (er, I guess I should say “running“) if water is able to freeze on your person.  I think this means I was LITERALLY running at a glacial pace!  No matter, though.  I ended up doing seven miles, and according to the trusty Nike+iPod I rocked a 9:06/mile pace.  My goal is still to run consistently under 9:00/mile, but for the first real run since Thanksgiving, I won’t split hairs (hares?).

Frosty the wo-man
Credit: moi

I guess it’s true: slow, steady, and frosty wins the race!

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