The Third Day of Fitmas: Friends and Bends

It’s finally here: Christmas meets yoga!



Santa Yogi


What a beautiful event!  I’ve been looking forward to it all season, and I have to say it really did me good.  Especially after the doldrums of last night, this was just what I needed!  I met up with some friends I hardly ever get the opportunity to see.  I was introduced to H.E.A.T. Bootcamp, a great new local business here.  We did power yoga which was team-taught by three different and equally amazing local instructors.  I got a swag-bag which included a CD with the ultra-seasonal holiday yoga tunes from the class. (iTunes Store>Ping>type H.E.A.T. Bootcamp>see HEAT Bootcamp Power Yoga).  There was a cookie and coco social following the class, AND it there was a good cause in all of it.

Namaste Ornaments

He-looo Christmas Spirit, how I have missed you!

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