The Fourth Day of Fitmas: I’ll Have a Blob, Blob Christmas

I can’t even pretend there was any fitness going on this Third Day of Fitmas.

Blue Christmas Cocktails
Jacked from:

So much for three french hens, all I found were three cocktails.  I thought about running before work this morning but, you know, it was cold!  THEN I thought, “Hey, not to worry. I’ll just run AND yoga after work.”  THEN I had the kind of work day that could only be remedied by a good friend and three beers.  THEN my friend left for home and I could still maybe have squeezed in a run OR yoga. But THEN I decided to take another approach:

Forget it

As I bellied up to the bar for the fourth beer accompanied by only a basket of tortilla chips, I thought about — and this is rich — fitness.  Clearly at that particular moment my physical fitness was about shot since my ability to actually manifest my goals for the 12 Days of Fitmas has evidently devolved to near non-existence. 

Blue, Blue Christmas
Credit: Getty Images

But what about NON-physical fitness?  I mean, when it comes to Mind, Body, and Soul, two-thirds of that equation are perfectly and most naturally attended-to at the bar.  Am I alone here?  I’m down and out.  Literally.  Parts of me are sagging and expanding.  I’m in need of some serious salvation here, and I’m feeling that this bar is the best place to find it.

Beer to Salvation
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Tomorrow is another day.


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