The Seventh Day of Christmas: R-O-C-K-E-T-T-E-S

More of the Same

Look, I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that “Fitmas” probably doesn’t belong anywhere near these recent posts, and this particular post is no different.  I have been working myself absolutely silly, which as all good blobs recognize is a blessing (work is good) and a curse (but working OUT is also good).  I haven’t had anywhere near the time I need to keep up with my DIY Half Marathon Training.  Most days the fact that I’m working so much is not as stressful to me as the fact that I am NOT working out so much.

Busy Elf

Even though I had enough time today to squeeze in a decent run or a respectable amount of yoga, I’m just wasn’t gonna.  I’m didn’t even going to consider it.

More of the New

My family is really into Christmas, as you may have guessed.  It’s not just kind of a big deal, it’s a big honkin’ deal.  And this year marks the start of a brand new tradition – the Holiday Show.  My parents are visiting today for cran-apple mimosas, decadent brunch, and The Radio City Rockettes Traveling Holiday Show.

Image via Wikipedia

 And just watching them was a workout!

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