The 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Days of Fitmas: Maids a’ Leaping and Dancers Piping

What a dismal enterprise The 12 Days of Fitmas turned out to be, huh?


8 Maids Milking
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I decided there’s just no point to continue updating you day by day on failure after failure.  Each day is worse than the one before.  More work, less daylight, missed run, no time for yoga.  Terrible.  That’s why this post covers four days of Fitmas on which no fitness occurred at all.  (Well, that and because I can never keep these four verses straight anyway!)

9 Ladies Dancing
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I don’t get it.  Last year was so successful; I did yoga every day and sometimes even twice a day.  I was going on long runs every other day and had already done several ten milers.  This year I can hardly even conceptualize yoga in my own home, let alone think about dragging it out to a class.  And I have yet to complete ONE ten miler in my DIY Half Marathon training, which does not bode particularly well for my 1/2 Marathon coming up in February.  What gives?

10 Lords Leaping
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Oh yeah, last year when I was knocking the 12 Days of Fitmas there was one small difference – I didn’t have a J-O-B.  It was certainly easier to up my dedication to fitness when I didn’t have to contend with any sort of 9-5 business.  Now this year, I could probably still have ripped through the 12 Days of Fitmas with a mere 9-5.  Unfortunately, ever Type-A, I took on a job that packs 60-hour work weeks on the regular.

11 Pipers Piping
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I guess I’ll be lucky to make it through this holiday with any sense of balance, since Fitness seems to be officially out the window. 

Who’s with me?


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