Blob Vogage!

Sideshow Blob and E90X are going on vacation!

Lighthouse Rincón, Puerto Rico
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It’s the dead of winter, so what could be better than a beach vacation?  We are so lucky to have been invited to Rincon, Puerto Rico to visit with Sideshow Blob’s parents, and to have the availability to take time off work to go.  Sun, sand, surf, bliss, blobbery, BATHINGSUITS.  Oh lord.  What business do I have getting into a bathing suit in the dead of winter?  The holiday jiggles, the translucence, the lazy-bones lack-of-tone, it’s a lot, you know?  A lot.  I’m not sure there’s room for all that in a teeny bikini.

Bikini on a Hanger
Jacked from:

Not only that, but what is going to happen to my DIY Half Marathon Training?  I’m a little concerned that the Half Marathon is less than two months away, this month is about holding steady and really committing to getting those runs in, and here I’ll be out-of-town for a week.  At the beach.  In the heat.  Not ideal for my running training.  Aside from the inherent blobiness of vacation, I’m not sure how to sneak in the kind of runs I’m supposed to be doing (i.e. hour-long) without disrupting the group’s vacation itinerary.

Running on the beach
Image by Daniele Sartori via Flickr

Lucky for this Blob, I got the Vibram Five-fingers barefoot running shoes I asked for Christmas.  Since you’re supposed to ease in to running with the Five Fingers starting with shorter runs, I think I’ll use the vacation to get in a few three-milers in my new shoes.  This way I’ll get in shape for barefoot runs once or twice a week once I’m back at home,and I’ll only have to put in thirty minutes a day or so while on vacation.  Perfect! 

Man and woman in swimsuits, ca. 1910; she is e...
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Look out Puerto Rico, Blobs away.


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