Experiencing a Breakdown is No Longer a Bad Thing

A la En Vogue I will say, “And now it’s time for a breakdown.”

The Austin Half Marathon, my biggest goal of the year so far, is just appearing on the horizon (February 20, 2011).  In fact, in a very exciting turn, I registered for it yesterday!  As some of you may recognize, this is a pretty serious step because, much like there is no crying in baseball, there are no refunds in racing.  I’m in.  But since this Half Marathon goal still feels pretty gargantuan, and since my overall life goal of total mind-body-soul fitness is starting to crushingly overwhelm me, I think it’s time for another breakdown so as to avoid the other En Vogue prophesy, “Never Gonna Get It.”

Lululemon 6th and Lamar: Lemons on the Run
Jacked From: Facebook - Lemons on the Run!!

So, to break it down, I did something very un-blob and joined a running group – Lemons on the Run – through my local Lululemon.  We meet Mondays and Thursdays for an hour before work to run together, get some pointers from our freaking amazing coach, and hopefully fall-in with some close friends who move at our same pace.  In addition to all of that, if you make it to 20 of the 22 meetings, Lululemon will pay your way into the Cap10K race on March 27, 2011.  Now, the Cap10K is actually NOT on my list of fitness goals through the Bloblessness Project for 2011, but some of you may remember the Cap10K from the last time I had a Breakdown of the Half Marathon goal and ran the Halfway Halfway on the Cap10K route.  (So, at least I know I can run the thing without dying!)  This goal is really more about commitment to consistency, and about putting myself out there a little bit more in my local running community, than it is about surviving a 10K.

Lemons on the Run: Day 1
Jacked From: Facebook - lululemon athletica 6th and Lamar

On the first day we ran a mile to warm up, ran a one mile time trial (all out as fast as you can), then a mile cool-down.  Sadly, albeit not unexpectedly, I didn’t get anywhere NEAR where I though I would on the time trial.  One mile, all out, at well over 10 minutes — WHAT?!?!  But, hey, being fresh off the Holidays and the barren fitness wasteland of my tropical vacation, this is really a fresh start.  This IS a start, after all, there’s nowhere to go but up, and “we’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”  (Hat tip to Oscar Wilde).  It’s time for me to own where I am with my training.  I’ve got to really WORK IT with everything I’ve got.  When I feel down and forget how to do this, I just check in with my pal Timmy here for a helpful reminder:

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