Drop It Like It’s Blob

I dropped my run today. 

Dropped it like it was my third wife after my first Tony nomination.  I thought, in all, this was a pretty good week.  Monday 3 miles, Tuesday 6 miles, Wednesday 6 miles, and Thursday 5 miles.  And I am definitely getting in a 10 miler this weekend, even if it kills me.  So that will put me at 30 miles for the week, which isn’t particularly bad, I don’t think. 


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After reading some of your comments here lately, I am thinking about re-vamping my training for the Austin Half Marathon for these last five weeks or so.  I’ve heard about your pitfalls with overloading pre-race mileage, and I’ve heard about your success with reducing mileage in favor of running intervals.  In light of this, I think reducing weekly mileage is going to be a must, and I KNOW upping average mileage time is also a must.  Good thing I just discovered one of my favorite podcasts has an interval series for this express purpose!

Keep It Mellow
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I’m taking today off completely so that I can for sure get that 10-miler in this weekend.  (Aaannd so I can help my good friend celebrate the First Anniversary of her Thirtieth Birthday.)  Then I’ll start next week by continuing with Running Group (2 good, quick runs a week), and running intervals twice a week on my own.  The fifth day will be for rest, or perhaps for a good yoga session, as my schedule and muscle-tightness permits.  Still committing to a 10-miler ever weekend until the race, to keep endurance rocking.


10 Miles
Jacked From: http://responsible marketing.com/blog "10 of my favorite lists from 2008"

Thanks, all, for the feedback and schooling on proper training!


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