If You Can’t Have the Gear You Love, Love the Gear You Have

I can’t explain it.




Jacked From: http://www.fullissue.com “How to Stop a Shopaholic”

I don’t know if it’s because I’m an American consumer, or because I’m a woman shopaholic, or because I’m a blobby rationalizer.  All I know is that lately I’ve fallen into a pattern where all I want to do is acquire new gear.  I see it, I daydream about it, and I convince myself that I will perform better with it.  This week, I’ve been twitterpated over a brand new piece of gear.  I know I want it, I’m not sure I need it, and I know I can’t afford it.  It’s the Garmin 310XT.


Garmin Forefunner 310XT
Jacked From: http://gbr.garmin.com


It’s like a watch that says “I’ll be back!” and “Yipi-ki-yay, Mister Falcon!” in the same breath.  It’s big, it’s bad, it’s in-your-face.  But, is it “me?”  It tracks your workouts with GPS, which gives you more accurate distance and pace statistics.  It will measure triathlon distances automatically altering between meters-per-minute (swimming), minutes-per-mile (running), and miles-per-hour (cycling).  You can independently time your transitions between each leg of a triathlon, and – of course – it’s waterproof.  On top of all that, it wirelessly syncs and compiles every conceivable data point from heart-rate to elevation.  The kicker — it’s about $400.00.

Natalie Dee Comic
Credit: http://www.nataliedee.com

The obvious criticism is, well, I’ve never actually run a single triathlon. (But wouldn’t this be great to train?)  Won’t I be the essence of poseur showing up for the first go-round with top-of-the line equipment?  What if I hate the First Tri in May and never run another?  (But the 310XT is still great for running and cycling – proven loves.)  And if I just wind up using the 310XT for running and cycling, won’t my Nike+ and Cat Eye Odometer suit me just fine?  Probably.

Running Nike+
Credit: http://www.everystockphoto.com

Although . . . I am aware that some people vehemently oppose the use of Nike products, for obvious reasons.  Also, it has become painfully noticeable to me that my Nike+ isn’t precisely accurate as it occasionally throws me a free half mile or two on my long runs.  However, though my heart rate still quickens when I consider the Garmin 310XT (a fact it could measure, sync wirelessly, AND chart with stunning accuracy and clarity), I just can’t justify dropping half my rent, or two car payments, or roughly one hundred Starbucks Trentas on such an advanced piece of equipment for such a novice “athlete.”  (Air quotes, like training wheels, will come off in due time with demonstrated skill and ability.)  Maybe if I meet every fitness goal in the 2011 Bloblessness Project, this will be my Christmastime reward.

Until then, I’ve gotta love the gear I’ve got.

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