Calling all Blobs: What’s a Blob to Do?

The Problem (Bloblem? Nah, that’s a stretch.):  One Weekend, Two Races.

Ok, so this whole race business all started with the Bloblessness Project.  The point was just to get one goal set up per quarter, work toward that goal for the requisite three months, go for the goal (and attain it, obviously), then move on to the next goal.  In a way that perhaps says something about me, I didn’t plan on not attaining the goals.  And now I’m in a bind.

As you may have read, I did finish the Austin Half Marathon, I just didn’t do it in the time I’d been shooting for.  I wanted 2:10:00.  I got 2:24:25.  My gut reaction (a rather large reaction, as you might imagine) was to immediately register for the next available half marathon and just get the check in the box as soon as humanly possible.  Which I absolutely would have done if there had been a half marathon reasonably accessible to me the next weekend.  Or the weekend after that.  The next half marathon I could find was Zooma.  It’s an all-women’s half being held on April 16, 2011.

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But, see, that’s well into what is supposed to be triathlon training.  According to the Bloblessness Project, and right on schedule, I’m about a month into training for CapTexTri.  I’m all As a matter of fact, a local magazine is throwing a race actually called The. Rookie. Tri.  It appears there’s rocket science and then there’s rocket science.  I mean, I’m a rookie, I want to do a tri, here’s The Rookie Tri.  No brainer.  Or is it?


The Rookie Tri
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I still can’t seem to shake the thirst for Half Marathon redemption.  So close, you know?  I felt fine after the Austin Half Marathon.  Fine.  I could have gone another five miles, even.  Five.  This is what lets me know that 2:10:00 is rightthere.  Soclose.  And I could just reach out and grab it at Zooma.  Grab it at Zooma, put it in the books, and be done with it.  Right?  But what if chasing Zooma derails me in some small way, in any way, from the Tri prep I so desperately need?  Chasing the goal from last quarter could spin me off of my goal from this quarter.  Then where will I be – frantically trying to run a half AND a tri at the end of the summer – living six months in the past?

The Solution:  You Tell Me!

I could really use your input on this one.  Take the week, mull it over, and cast your vote by Friday, April 1, 2011.

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