Brass Tacks: Cap10 Que?

1:02:52 at an average pace of 10:07.  What a disappointment.  I had really hoped to get this thing done in under an hour.  Not only had I really hoped for it, I genuinely assumed that it would be no problem whatsoever, proving yet again what happens when you ass-ume.  (Groan).  This is my second set of officially-timed results that are much slower than what I had hoped for.  This lets me know a few things:

1. My Nike+iPod is worthless.

Nike+ iPod

Now, if you know me, you know that it truly pains me to say this.  I have loved that thing with a love I generally reserve for sweets and cocktails.  I am smitten with the idea of your own digitized running coach coming over your personalized running mix to let you know “Halfway Point, only three more miles to go!”  I am enamored with the idea of seeing my runs charted out over time.  I am twiterpated just thinking of the annual report showing that I’ve run over 500 miles in a year.

What I don’t love though is thinking I can run a 10K with a pace in the 8:30s, telling everyone I know (and don’t know) that I can run a 10K with a pace in the 8:30s, and buying myself a treat for being so awesome as to have run a 10K with a pace in the 8:30s (ahem), only to then run an official 10K with a pace over 10:00.  I tried to calibrate the thing.  Yeah, it has a “calibration” mode for super totally accurate accuracy based on the length, rhythm, and speed of my unique running stride.  Having suspected that I wasn’t the runner my Nike+ was making me out to be, I set out to calibrate the dang thing a few weeks ago.  I took it to a track, I set it to calibrate 400m, then I ran once around said track.  When I finished the lap, the iPod told me I’d successfully run 0.4 miles.  Uh, what?  I’m no mathematician, but even I know that’s not even close.  The thing must think I’m Michael Johnson if it thinks I ran almost a half mile in 2:30.  Of course, I think I’m Michael Johnson when I’m running, which is fine, but I need a device that’s a little more down to earth than that.  Which brings me to my next realization . . . .

2. I must beg, borrow, and steal (or just wait for Christmas) to get the Garmin GPS measuring system.

Garmin 310XT
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I know I really can not justify buying this kind of equipment until I have a few more races under my belt, and until I know whether this kind of training is really going to be my new lifestyle or if it’s just my “Oh-crap-I’m-almost-30” crisis.  But truly, I can’t go on living the Nike+ lie.  I can’t keep finishing long runs thinking I’ve maintained a 9:00min pace that, in reality, I have likely never achieved.  I want the truth! (Even if I can’t handle the truth.)

3. I am truly slow, but not without hope.

Slow Runner
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You may be wondering: “How has this person, who has been training since September, STILL racing slower than 10:00min/mile?!?”  And if you figure it out, let me know.  I know it’s been more than six months, and I’m telling you I really have been working hard.  I don’t know why I still run slower than Pam Anderson in the Baywatch opening montage.  It’s frustrating, to say the least. 

BUT – I am not without improvement.  My 10K split time in the Austin Half Marathon (less than one month ago) was 01:08:32.  So my Cap10K time actually is more than 5min quicker, which is nice.  I think I’d settled into a half-marathon pace that was going to be slower than a 10K pace no matter what.  But still, I’m happily clinging to any shred of positivity to come out of this whole mess.

Lululemon Run Group
Lululemon Run Group at the Cap10K (Blob on the far left)


  1. I will say this for the training, don’t beat yourself up about not reaching your goals when you have a device that says you are achieving or beating your goals. That being said now you know the thing doesn’t work quite right so you will need to listen to your body to set your pace and not your iPod. My suggestion is measure a couple routes out and use a good old fashion stop watch and see how you did at the end of the run. I say all this as I still remain on the sidelines of any program, so take my advice with however much salt you please.

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