The Little Things: Where Have I Been?

Has this always existed?


A longtime Carmex devotee, I pulled my allegiance from the failsafe product around the time I committed to my professional-looking artificial manicure. Really, nothing undercuts the professional-looking artificial manicure quite like a glob if aging, dusty lip balm peeking out from under cover of a French white tip. Also, there are few of life’s mishaps more agonizing than when, after weeks of artfully sculpting a Carmex pot of lip balm into a perfectly parabolic pit of waxy lip-soothing goodness, you gouge the pristine surface with a professional-looking artificial talon.

Well, no more! Finally Carmex has reached out to those of us handicapped by professional-looking artificial appendages by offering their superior lip-saving balm in the far more accessible dome-topped tube. It is entirely possible that this tube has been flying around for years under my radar. Heck! It may even pre-date the little tin, which I have somehow just always assumed was forged in a time when things like lip balm lids were still made of metal by some wartime riveting Rosie.

Nevertheless it’s new to me and I couldn’t be happier!


Blobservations of your own?

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