From Snookie to Rookie

What a difference a few months make!

Credit: Moi

There I was, living cocktail to cocktail, bronzing with the best of ’em, and fist-pumping like a maniac.  Now here I am, a mere five months later to Packet Pickup Day!  That’s right, packet pickup for my very first triathlon, The Rookie Tri!  Thanks for all of your input in helping me decide to let go of my vendetta against the elusive Two Hour Half Marathon, and move boldly into my new life as a triathlete.

Rookie Tri

This distances for this race are shorter than those of a normal sprint triathlon, so this should be an excellent training ground, right?  I’ll swim 300m, bike 11mi, and run 2mi.  A sprint triathlon will be 750m swim/20k bike/5k run.  My goal is to get this sucker done in under 1:30:00.  That’s 6min for the swim + 50min for the ride + 20min for the run + 5min each for the transitions, with a little upward rounding I like to call First Timer’s Privilege.

Thanks for all the advice and support you have lent through “likes,” comments, e-mails, and the generosity of your continued reading!  Keep it coming folks because this is only the first race of my Triathlon Season, culminating in my quarterly Bloblessness Project Goal: CapTexTri on Memorial Day.  Until then:

Rookies Rule.


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