Brass Tacks: Looky Looky I’m a Rookie


Rookie Tri Erin 04-19-2011
Credit: Sideshow Blob

Total time: 01:18:15 (Goal 1:30:00)
Swim time:  06:27 (Goal 6min)
Transition 1 time: 03:44 (Goal 5min)
Ride time: 46:55 (Goal 50min)
Transition 2 time: 1:26 (Goal 5min)
Run time: 19:41 (Goal 20min) 
Possibility for upward rounding I like to call First Timer’s Privilege: Psh, that’s for sissies!

Overall place: 185 out of 811 total triathletes
Gender place: 55 out of 336 women

Lows: Panicking and running out of air and energy in the first 100m of the swim; deciding to wear a t-shirt on the ride AFTER putting on the helmet; underestimating the jelly-leg effect when jumping from the bike to the run.

Highs: Rolling over in the swim for 5 deep breaths and seeing that most of my division is about 10m behind me (suddenly I can BREATHE);  Passing guys on the bike ride who started at least 8min ahead of me; coming upon a highschool drum line halfway through the run (I freakin’ love a drum line, and their timing could not have been better!); post-race meet-n-greet with the fan (singular . . . for now).

Rookie Tri Erin & Jay 4-17-2011
Credit: Moi
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