Brass Tacks: Lake Travis Triathlon

Total time: 01:41:18 (Goal 1:50:00)
Swim time:  12:14 (Goal 10min)
Transition 1 time: 01:45 (Goal 5min)
Ride time: 53:41 (Goal 60min)
Transition 2 time: 1:02 (Goal 5min)
Run time: 32:38 (Goal 30min) 

Gender place: 56 out of 90 women
Overall place: UNPUBLISHED

Lows: Front derailer failure during the second of two 6mile loops robbed me of my lowest gear on some seriously steep hills; and The.  Entire.  Run. (Hot, dusty, stretches of pathetic walk-shuffle-jogging from one water stand to the next — Literally, because there were only two water stands).

Highs: Those screaming transitions (can’t wait to get those under a minute next time!); absolutely no jelly-leg during the second transition (possibly attributable to my excellent training in the week between the first and second races, but likely attributable to my inability to really hammer on to get up the hills do to derailer crap-out); and being run-in to the finish line by my number one fan.

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