The Little Things: Stop Stinking

Don’t pretend like you haven’t been there.

Monday morning. The day after laundry day. You know it’s going to be a good run because you’ve got a shorts and a top that actually match (socks too, if you a nerd like me.) Headed out the door, you’re ready to rock this run when – Hold up – what’s that? What is that smell? You know you didn’t forget deodorant (THIS time.) and besides, the sun isn’t even UP yet – how could you already stink?

Then you realize: It’s the shirt.

But, what? How can that be? You just did laundry yesterday. In fact, that shirt didn’t even come out of a cornered heap of avalanching cast-off one-time-wears or an over-crammed drawer. It came out of a basked. It was folded. How. Could. It. Stink? It’s your detergent; it doesn’t work. If you’re like my Mom, you are mentally adding this to your list of all the things These Days that don’t work like they should, like they USED TO (somewhere between toasters and Exxon Mobil CEOs).

Tide Sport
Jacked From: tide-plus-febreze-freshness-sport/

Well, no stink no more my friends. I found this bottle of Tide Sport while wandering aimlessly through the cleaning-product aisle at the grocery store (the best aisle there is, right? Love that place.) In my American-lemming-consumerist-gutteral response to their marketing and earnest desire to actually BE the girl on the label (minus the working out with her hair down thing. Don’t get me started on that. Who DOES that?!?) I though, “Sport, huh? Well I AM trying to be more sporty, this must be the Tide for me!” I decided to give it a whirl.

Now, it is scented, so all of you sensitive-skinned and chemical-conscious sweaty messes out there may have to keep the search alive for stink-busting detergent. But for the rest of us, the scent is not too offensive (let’s face it, everything else I own is already doused in Eau de Febreeze anyway.) and the scent itself is certainly superior to the smell of my workout clothes (even the clean ones) prior to using Tide Sport. The best part is: My duds still smelled nice AFTER my run (Believe it, or swing by and have a sniff for yourself).

Finally! We’ve got some good old-fashioned hard-working new-and-improved-for-sportsters laundry detergent.

Even Mom would approve.

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