The Little Things: Slashie Award

I can type a fraction.

When it comes to fractions, actually typing a fraction is more fulfilling even than multiplying and dividing them (or so I’m told.  Flip and multiply? Cross-multiply? Whip out a Ti-83 and multiply . . . whatever.).  Before you scoff, better recognize: I’m not talking about two full-sized numbers separated by a forward slash (A total blob move).  Nor am I talking about relying on one of the pre-existing ready-made fractions from Instert>Object (yeah, I know about that trick, too.  Though, in fact, that’s not even really a trick since everyone knows all you have to do is type one of these as a talent-less slashie, hit the space bar and viola! Word practically asks if you want fries with that!)  Turns out, some things in this crazy world are divided into parts other than halves and quarters.  Evidently, while some people are “basketball typing” (halves) and while other people are “football typing” (quarters), my job has me “baseball typing” (ninths, tops, bottoms, ups, outs, and any other fractional statistic of which the human mind has ever conceived).

Microsoft Equation Editor
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Wanna learn how?

For Word:

    1. Insert>Obejct>Create New
    2. Select your Equation software (CorelEquation, Microsoft Equation, etc.)
    3. Create fractions (and other unwieldy type-written equations as your heart desires, or as your boss demands, whatever the case may be . . . )

For WordPerfect:

    1. Crawl out of your prehistoric cave;
    2. See instructions for Word, above.
    3. Complete project.
    4. Immediately purchase Word.
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