This Message Brought to You by Friday Dance Party

It’s been a long time.

I shouldn’t have left you without a dope blog to scoff to.  I’ve been trying to find time to hit y’all back for what feels like WEEKS now.  With the CapTexTri this weekend (!!!), and other challenges that come with existing on Planet Earth, there’s been plenty of bricking, blobbing, and bottom-runging.  There just hasn’t been enough blogging.  TIme to dust myself off and try again.

Things lately have been frantic, cobbled together, and ad hoc, at best.  

For someone who launched a blog based on a Crayola-coded calendar, this structural collapse has been a little tough. I’m learning that it’s true: money can’t buy you class (or, in my recent experience, time, fitness, sanity, or a piddly blogging hobby).  I’m sorry to report that I have not juggled bricking, blobbing, bottom-runging, and blogging with elegance, but the good news is that elegance CAN be learned (mah-frenz).

This is just a brief status update.

I just wanted to let you know that: (1) I am still on the face of the earth; (2) CapTexTri is THIS weekend (!!!); and (3) there are several posts on their way … if you can sustain.

If you indulge in just one Friday Dance Party video, let it be this one.

Hold on for one more day.


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